Nice to meet you

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I am the representative of SDM Co., Ltd., Lee Sang gil. I am appreciate to meet all of you online.

We established SDM Co., Ltd. with excellent employees and superior know-how which is based on our various and sufficient experience in die working for developing die manufacturing and we always study and do our best .

We developed process for the competitive die manufacturing compare with the method of  



Also, we have technology and equipment in order to manufacture from small and middle size dies to the biggest one, body side outer dies. In addition, we have plan to expand our scope of business to not only domestic companies but also international automobile companies in order to be a global cooperation company so we reinforced with international competitive power.

We promise that we try to make the best press dies which will be satisfied with our customers and we will be the first in the technology development by continuous changing and revolution.

In conclusion, we request your assistance and encouragement and we hope your success in your business. Thank you.